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Durar al Saniyyah fi Radd ala al Wahhabiyyah

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The late Sayyid Ahmad bin Zaini Dahlan, who’s full name was asy-Sayyid Ahmad bin Zaini Dahlan bin Ahmad Dahlan bin ‘Utsman Dahlan bin Ni’matUllah bin ‘Abdur Rahman bin Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah bin ‘Utsman bin ‘Athoya bin Faaris bin Musthofa bin Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Zaini bin Qadir bin ‘Abdul Wahhab bin Muhammad bin ‘Abdur Razzaq bin ‘Ali bin Ahmad bin Ahmad (Mutsanna) bin Muhammad bin Zakariyya bin Yahya bin Muhammad bin Abi ‘Abdillah bin al-Hasan bin Sayyidina ‘Abdul Qaadir al-Jilani, Sulthanul Awliya` bin Abi Sholeh Musa bin Janki Dausat Haq bin Yahya az-Zahid bin Muhammad bin Daud bin Musa al-Jun bin ‘Abdullah al-Mahd bin al-Hasan al-Mutsanna bin al-Hasan as-Sibt bin Sayyidinal-Imam ‘Ali & Sayyidatina Fatimah al-Batul, wrote in his book Durar al Saniyyah fi Radd ala al Wahhabiyyah about the difference between the non believer’s faith and the Muslim faith with regard to Tawassul as follows:

“The blasphemers intended in these verses believed their idols deserved Godhood. They exalted them as one would exalt his Creator, even though they believed the idols did not create the heavens and the earth. The believers, on the other hand, do not believe the prophets or righteous Muslims (awliya’) deserve to be worshipped, nor do they deserve to be attributed with Godhood, nor do they exalt them as one would exalt God. They believe these people are good slaves of Allah, His beloved ones whom He chose, and by their blessings (barakah) Allah grants His mercy to His creation. Hence, when the slaves of Allah seek the blessings (barakah) of the prophets and righteous Muslims (awliya’) they are seeking these blessings as a mercy from Allah. “

To download the English version of the book please right click the link and save as Durar al Saniyyah. For the Arabic version you can download it here الدرر السنية


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August 20, 2011 at 11:58 pm